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Eleonora Pitasso: Shipyard Relationship Coordinator & Sales Broker, Burgess

She is the Italian “with the Austrian pinch” of Burgess, she comes from the very end of North-East in Italy. Eleonora is based in Monaco “I keep the sea view even from my flat – can’t stay far from the water”- Eleonora

Eleonora is a Superyacht Sales Broker and Shipyard Relationship Co-Ordinator on behalf of Burgess. Her role is dual and consists of a B2C level connection with clients and a B2B level to make sure her Sales Team is up to date about all the new construction opportunities on the market worldwide.

“The confinement time has given me back the opportunity to start painting again. In my academic courses I won a few artistic selections and actually, I was asked to choose between Architecture and Diplomacy…and… here we are 

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