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Monaco Yacht Show 2019:  Media & Marketing Tips

The 29th edition of Monaco Yacht Show will be hosted at Port Hercules from 25th September to 28th September 2019.  The show will feature more than 125 superyachts as well as around 580 exhibitors.  


Many exhibitors have started pushing out their long-term marketing strategies, whereas a large percentage will focus their efforts on short-term activity that will capitalise on their attendance at the show.   Regardless of the size of your company/budget/employee numbers, you can implement a number of actions that can boost your marketing exposure, increase the visibility of your company online and/or build relevant business connections.


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Marketing tips


The original article has been edited by yachtdame, for the original and in depth article visit 

Map your customers journey

Identify the touch points where customers come into contact with your brand - whether that is offline and/or online - so you can find out what they want and how you can deliver it to them.           Create 5-10 questions to better connect with clients


Provide clear information

What is your MYS stand #  - Where are you located on the map - How to contact you - How to connect with your brand on Social Media # / @


send Visitors to your stand

Decide how you will attract visitors to your booth, convert them into leads and sales. E.g.: live presentations, giveaways, refreshments...

prepare your Elevator pitch

Create and practice your elevator pitch. At the MYS and all other trade shows you will meet people at formal networking events, buffet line, dancing and even in the bathroom.  To create and practice your elevator pitch click link  


define Your visual identity

At the show you will meet thousands of people, you need to stand out to make a connection.  There are many user friendly apps ready to help you with your layout, video editing and other trending and engaging methods. For more info 

review the MYS Exhibitor lists

Review the MYS Exhibitor lists and make a game plan.  Learn who will attend, what they are showcasing, whats is their latest news and how to reach them. Find the exhibitor list on the shows official website, and on the official MYS app. 

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prep your Temporary / Client-facing staff

Temporary promotional staff are there representing your company, from the brand to the selling in detail your products and services. This is your first impression your leads encounter. Hire the right people, train and motivate them. Avoid having people glued to their phones when visitors pass by the stand, or clueless about the company they're representing. For more information on staffing profiling, click the link

plan your Social media strategy

Take time to create a strategy. e.g.: what type of posts you will publish, imagery, descriptions, what are the relevant #... For more help on creating a social media strategy for the show, we recommend our sister company Taglia inc, they focus on Social Media strategies for yacht companies. And, they will be at MYS  

  • Twitter - Black Circle
  • YouTube - Black Circle
  • Pinterest - Black Circle
  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Instagram - Black Circle

start a company blog or news page

Give your company a voice in the digital space. Blogs help your loyal followers have a place to read up on your company's latest news. Also, blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers' questions.

REVISE Your company website

Proof read your website, prior to the show! - have a clear menu - design a custom MYS landing page - make it mobile-friendly!

For a detail list on how to get your website ready, send us an email!



The original article has been edited by yachtdame, for the original and in depth article visit   

Before the show

Email journalists a pitch highlighting your latest achievements or upcoming projects. Prepare a media kit or press release, include  photos, technical/product/designer descriptions, contact details and pricing if necessary.

During the show

You can find media reps, journalists and photographers at press conferences and media events, check the MYS website under "media" to learn more. If you give an interview or comment, find out where it will be published and exchange contact details so the journalist can reach you if they need any further information.


Publish on your company blog, website or newsletter key takeaways from your time at the show.

❌ Don't: chase down media or journalists. Articles may depend on comments from up to 30 people, liaising with editors, photographers, social media teams, and all in different time zones.

✔️ Do: say 'thank you' . Writers spend a lot of time researching, drafting, editing, reformatting and distributing media through various channels.  "I remember every exhibitor who says thank you, and I remember every exhibitor who doesn't" Rebecca Whitlocke

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