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Yacht Dame is a news outlet that sheds light on the inner workings of the yacht industry. 

We cover the latest yacht news, female industry leaders, and travel destinations.


The mission is to share the latest yachts, the builders, designers, and brokers. We spotlight women who have found success in yachting, from where they work to how they influence the industry. Yacht dame not only covers major international events, but also provides insights into the destinations they frequent. Visit Theclevertraveler  for more travel tips, she is our in house travel blogger.


Yacht Dame partners with social media influencers, and other media outlets to get you the news from around the world. Look for the links embedded in our stories to find the specialist of each field. There are so many wonderful and hardworking individuals that make this community, and we want to help them find their spotlight. 

Andrea Tagliafero

Andrea Tagliaferro

Yacht Dame Founder

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