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Connect with Amazing Women!

Save the date for empowering meet-ups!

For years you've been asking for women in yachting events to meet the other amazing women you see active on our pages. We've been working behind the scenes and are happy to invite you to our first event.

Upcoming events


SD Boat Show / Networking Breakfast

San Diego, CA

Looking to collaborate with Yacht Dame on your next event? Contact Us Here


For our inaugural event, we're incredibly excited to announce we're partnering with Denison Yachting for an empowering networking breakfast with women in the industry. During the San Diego International Boat Show we will be meeting at Denison Yachting's booth. We can't wait to connect with you at the show.

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Join us for a breakfast networking session during the boat show.

Connect with amazing women in the industry over coffee and pastries, and collaborate for success together. Come for networking and support!

Find us at Denison Yachting's booth inside the San Diego International Boat Show.

The event will start one hour before the official show begins and will continue for an hour after the show starts

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If you're unable to attend but still want to get involved, you can!

Sand Dunes


Explore our event opportunities to become a valued part of the experience.


Add your logo to our physical materials at the event and enjoy traffic from our digital promotion, attend the event, and have the boat show on us.


Upgrade your digital footprint with additional traffic from our social media, enjoy a more prominent feature at the event, and attend the Boat Show as a VIP.



Enjoy all our previous benefits, plus 1 extra VIP ticket so you can bring a friend to the show. Experience increased traffic via our email blast and gain additional exposure through an ad on our podcast. The ad will be broadcasted by Yachting International Radio, reaching 1 million listeners monthly!

Micellar Water

If you're interested in bringing Yacht Dame to your next event to promote women in yachting, send us a message. We can't wait to talk to you!

Team Up, Collaborate

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